Why is it worth it to create interactive logos? Benefits and best practices






Interactive logos offer great chances to communicate with your audience and raise their interest in your brand. This logo-style is trending and therefore, many organizations are now adopting this technique as part of their digital marketing strategy. Utilizing interactive logos in your branding efforts has the extra benefit of giving consumers the chance to engage with your logo and fully comprehend the significance of your design.

There are various reasons to create interactive logo animations, some of which include:

  • The logo is intended to draw in viewers and provide them the opportunity to interact with the image.
  • The user can look around the logo while being shown various pieces of information
  • The logo can be shown in several places throughout your website so that it is distinct for every visitor.
  • Interactive logos give designers the chance to explain their brands’ identities to customers and assist them in expressing their core values.

Interactive logos are thought to be a powerful visual narrative tool and they are a must-have for any digital marketing professional. A well-designed logo can trigger conversations and generate traffic to your website or social media account.

Interactive logo best practices

Match the logo with your brand

You must take into account all the design choices that make the static logo the ideal representation of the brand it represents when preparing the motion design effects you’ll utilize to animate your logo and make it interactive. It will be easier to choose how vivid or subdued the motion graphics should be in order to be appropriate for the brand’s identity if you have a clear understanding of the message the animated logo is designed to send and the type of audience it is meant to engage.

Similar to how an elegant logotype animation in pastels won’t impress many esports fans, a really bouncy and wacky logo animation is unlikely to be a success with the audience of a famous finance company. As long as the animation stays true to the brand, you can be as crafty as you want to be!

Choose SVG as your logo format

One of the superpowers of the vector graphic format is interactive SVG animation. Although they might not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning the full-scale implementation of a logo, interactive animation logos are actually engagement hooks! There are many good reasons to utilize an animated logo, but one of the most overlooked is interactivity.

Try Out Professional Animators

Limiting yourself to simple animators might grow pretty boring over time, for both you and your logo design portfolio. However, learning how to simply animate a logo utilizing beginner lessons will help you understand fundamental animation techniques in no time. Take use of the versatility of animating logos as a creative outlet and try using more experienced animators (morph, fill, filters, skew, stroke and path animators).

Create videos

Videos are one of the most engaging mediums on the internet and this is why digital marketers are constantly trying to implement them in their brands. This feature has a lot to do with the fact that online videos are not only appealing, but also conducive to user experience.


Creating interactive logo animations will significantly enhance your branding efforts. While many digital marketer believe the viral aspect of an animated logo is negligible, that’s usually because they haven’t experimented with a simple design using the proper style guide to convey the core values of their brand in a compelling way. It doesn’t matter if your logo animation doesn’t go viral; it will be appreciated by its intended audience.

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