What is Korean Rhinoplasty Surgery?






Korean Rhinoplasty (Korea Technique) is to combine the advantages of the above two methods of surgery together. Korean rhinoplasty starts with Open Technique surgery by cutting the cartilage at the tip. 

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Nose first and will use cartilage behind the ear or using the cartilage at the base of the nose to adjust or add more at the tip of the nose After adjusting the tip of the nose Therefore, the surgery was performed by adding silicone only to the bridge of the nose until the area before the tip of the nose.

   Does Korean rhinoplasty have any disadvantages?

   Of course, not everyone is suitable for Korean rhinoplasty. Because the tip of the nose is not suitable for every patient If it’s on our face, it may not look right. If the patient is a person who easily scars. Or a wound and a keloid scar (Keloid-convex scar) is not suitable for Korean surgery.

  If I have done Korean rhinoplasty and the symptoms I don’t like, can I fix it?

It can be solved, but you have to wait at least 6-8 months because the cartilage that we used for surgery at the tip of the nose is almost connected to the skin at the tip of the nose. homogeneous This makes the correction quite difficult. Many senior medical professors have compared it to It’s like pulling out two sheets of paper. Glue them apart. without causing the glued paper to be torn

Is there any other way that doesn’t have to lose your ears? And get a beautiful nose shape in the Korean style?

Of course, medicine is non-stop. But due to the limitations of expression in Thai medicine therefore cannot be used for broadcasting or TV programs. (Even now, many doctors have begun to show their own clips.) But if it’s about a newer and better method. I can easily explain it as follows.

  1. We do not need to use ear cartilage. Because the cartilage in the human body is not only in the ears! But we can use the cartilage on the nose. Which is more effective and less risky because it is a single area of ​​cartilage. The same thing is that the nose is the same. It is also stronger than the cartilage behind the ear. and the blood that feeds them is the same area. Therefore, there is no need for additional surgical incisions on the ear. which is at risk of developing keloid scars on the ears

   Come to think of it, if so much ear bone is attached, how can there be enough blood from the ear to the tip of the nose? The cartilage would surely die from a partial lack of blood supply. This may cause infection from the ear cartilage and rot. time after surgery)

  1. At present, the method of silicone production has been developed to be advanced. Therefore, the newest type of silicone was born. Normally, the silicone that we use generally is divided into 4 types according to the softness of silicone as follows.

1.) Hard Silicone

2.) Medium Silicone

3.) Soft Silicone

4.) Ultra Soft Silicone

   Most doctors use Medium Silicone because it can sharpen it to form a beautiful shape better. However, using Medium Silicone as a whole may cause problems with the tip of the nose, for example, the tip of the nose is thin or the tip of the nose can go through because of Medium Silicone. will push the tip of the nose to be thinner, so many doctors prefer to solve the problem by sharpening the silicone tip to make it down, causing the tip of the nose that is not beautiful or too flat, not as beautiful as the nose tip in Korean surgery

So what’s the newest type of silicone?

   Silicone that combines the advantages of Medium Silicone with Ultra Soft Silicone. The silicone that forms the bridge of the nose will be used as Medium Silicone and the part that makes the nose tip will use Ultra Soft Silicone.

   This type of silicone can correct the problem of thin or pierced nose tips, and can maintain the beautiful Korean nose shape. However, the latest use of silicone is available only in some clinics. But because it has not been used yet widely. It is also not used long enough to know the advantages and disadvantages, so I would like to conclude that When you watch a TV program and have the idea of ​​adding a nose. Before the surgery, you should check the doctor who performed the surgery. Including the material used for rhinoplasty that is straight according to your needs or not In addition, in the medical field, the term “newest method” is not the best!

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