What Are The Two Main Techniques For Excel To PDF Conversion?






In the current world, we employ a wide variety of document formats for a variety of occasions and locations, typically associated with work, school, and business. This is undoubtedly word to pdf the case with file formats like Word and Excel to PDF. There are differences between these two formats. Spreadsheets are frequently created and edited using Excel. A PDF document, on the other hand, can be shared, printed, uploaded to social media, and archived for future use. These two crucial file formats could not be related to one another.

In actuality, though, SodaPDF may also be used to create sheets that are shared online or printed. To accomplish this process and preserve every detail of the document’s information, Excel sheets are converted into PDF files. In this manner, the sheets might be converted and then printed separately or as part of a bigger document.

First approach: online file converters such as GogoPDF

Excel to PDF conversion is less widespread than conversion to other document types like Word. There are just a few recognised techniques for carrying out this task, which may be the cause of this. However, there are still third-party resources available, including websites, apps, and software, that you may use to convert your Excel spreadsheets to PDF files. The website GogoPDF is one of these ones.

Users of this website can use it to convert files, such as files in various file formats to PDFs or vice versa. GogoPDF is simple and cost-free to use in comparison to other available options. It can be opened on nearly any device, including a computer or a smartphone. Additionally, GogoPDF doesn’t require you to log in or establish an account in order to convert your Excel spreadsheet to a PDF file. Finally, by using this website and following these procedures, converting your Excel spreadsheets to PDF files simply takes a few minutes.

  1. Select the Excel worksheet you want to convert. You can accomplish this by either dragging and dropping the file into the web page or by selecting the “Select Files” option.
  2. GogoPDF will begin the conversion after you have uploaded the file. This could take a while.
  3. You can now download your converted file to your mobile device after the process is complete. There is also a URL that you may copy so that you can post your document to your social media profiles.

Saving Excel As A PDF File as Method Two

However, if for some reason you believe using a website to convert your Excel spreadsheets to PDF files won’t work for you. You can always try an alternative. And that substitute is to save your spreadsheet as a PDF document using Microsoft Excel. If you’ve just produced a new spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel and wish to save it in a different file format, this is a wonderful technique to try. If you already have an Excel spreadsheet and wish to save it in a different file format, you can still attempt this procedure.

Though Android users might potentially test this out by utilising the Microsoft Excel app on their Android device, this solution is unfortunately ideal for those who have a Windows computer. It is recommended to follow these procedures on a more recent version of the aforementioned programme in your Windows computer in order to save your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet as a PDF:

  1. Excel is displayed. An existing spreadsheet can be opened or you can start a new one.
  2. Go to the File tab and select the Save A Copy tab after generating or changing your spreadsheet.
  3. Afterward, your computer can display a pop-up window. Choose “PDF” as the file type in the same pop-up box after renaming your file if necessary.
  4. Then, select your preferred format and click Save to save your spreadsheet.

As was already indicated, using Microsoft Excel on a Windows machine is recommended if you want to try this strategy. Although the procedures for carrying out this activity may be different if you try to use an Android smartphone instead, this method might also function with the Microsoft Excel app for Android smartphones.


In our contemporary life, when everything is based on papers in the digital realm, neither Excel nor PDF could be understated. While both Excel and PDF have their uses, there are times when the former must be changed into the latter in order to utilise, share, or print a spreadsheet. Excel can be converted to PDF in a variety of ways, each with pros and cons.

But don’t hesitate to give GogoPDF a shot if you’re looking for a quick, easy, and handy way to convert an Excel spreadsheet to a PDF file. You may convert your Excel spreadsheets to PDF files whenever and wherever you want using this service. Nothing else has to be downloaded on your phone or PC. You only need a device and an Internet connection to get started.

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