What Are The Symptoms Of A Broken Drive Shaft?






Any vehicle’s wheels rely on engine power to turn and propel the vehicle. The driveshaft is the part that transfers the engine’s power to the rear wheels of a rear-wheel-drive automobile.

Half shafts of your car are used to give control to the front wheels in front-wheel drive vehicles. In a four-wheel drive vehicle, though, a driveshaft should produce energy to the front and rear wheels.

While most individuals will not have to deal with a faulty driveshaft, it does occur. Continue reading to learn how a driveshaft works and the signs of its malfunctioning so you can bring it to a Driveshaft Shop Near Me.

Issues with turning

If you attempt to move your automobile and the tyres do not turn instantly or stutter, you get a drive shaft problem.

When you try to turn, you will feel a lot of resistance from the tyres. If the universal joint is destroyed, the wheels will bind. It might make turning the automobile difficult and lead it to pull to one side. If this occurs, bring your vehicle to a Driveshaft Shop Near Me.

Squeaking noise

Squeaking noises might be caused by a faulty driveshaft. It is frequently due to an issue with the universal joint or CV joint. These parts might generate noise when they wear out if they are not properly maintained.

The noise may be produced by the driveshaft itself getting worn or broken in rare circumstances. If you believe that your driveshaft is causing the squeaky sounds, get it inspected by a certified mechanic in Driveshaft Shop Near Me to establish the problem.

Issues with universal joint rotation

For a consistent transmission of power between engine wheels, the U-joints at the ends of the driveshaft must rotate at a constant smooth speed.

When the U-joints spin too much, it might create issues. The driveshaft might be imbalanced and begin to vibrate, causing damage to the shaft or other sections of the vehicle.

If the U-joints rotate too much, they might also wear out prematurely. A damaged driveshaft is the most likely cause of Universal Joint Rotation Problems produced by bad U-joints.

Rattling or strange sounds

If you hear squealing noises coming from below your automobile, there might indicate an issue with the driveshaft. The joints may be worn out, and the driveshaft may be colliding with anything else in the vehicle. The sound may be produced by the driveshaft material getting worn or broken in rare circumstances.

Excessive vibration of the driveshaft

Excessive vibration from the driveshaft might indicate an issue with the shaft itself. The shaft might be deformed or unbalanced. It could generate instability, which can harm other elements of the vehicle.

The vibration may be produced by a malfunctioning universal joint or CV joint in some circumstances. These worn-out elements might induce the driveshaft to shake. Bring your vehicle to a Driveshaft Shop Near Me for service or repair.

Shuddering when driving

Unbalanced driveshafts are one of the most common causes of trembling while accelerating. When a driveshaft gets imbalanced, the car’s rotational force is unequal.

It can lead the driveshaft to vibrate, causing the car as a whole to tremble or shudder. Another source of shaking from a driveshaft is a worn-out U-joint or centre bearing.

These parts are in charge of linking the driveshaft to the car body, and if they wear out, they can create a lot of trembling when you stomp on the gas pedal.


A driveshaft is an essential part of your car, and if it breaks, it may lead to several issues. If you suspect your driveshaft is deteriorating, have it examined by an expert as soon as possible.

Consider that you can assist avoid driveshaft breakdown by examining it for damage regularly and maintaining it by the manufacturer’s suggested schedule. Driveshaft Shop Near Me can provide a few indicators that your driveshaft is deteriorating and needs maintenance and repair.

Unexplained noises or vibrations from the driveshaft, poor performance of the vehicle, and trouble shifting gears are examples. If you detect any of these signs, have your driveshaft inspected by a Driveshaft Shop Near Me specialist as soon as possible.

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