The Most Beautiful Beaches of Antalya: For House or Apartment Buyers






If you have decided to make a real estate investment in Antalya, you have made one of the best choices. Foreign investments have greatly stimulated the real estate market in Antalya in recent years. Of course, there are various reasons behind these investments. The fact that the real estate market in Turkey is much cheaper and of higher quality than in other countries may be among these reasons. In addition, the legal regulation implemented by the Turkish government on obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing property has made a great contribution to foreign property investments in Turkey. After this law regulation, foreign investors can obtain Turkish citizenship by meeting the conditions in the real estate market and making a property investment in Turkey. Especially because of Turkish citizenship, apartment and house investments have increased in Antalya. Antalya is the most important of Turkey’s provinces, which has received immigration from Russia and Ukraine.

As we all know, Antalya is a tourism city. This city, which is the pearl of the Mediterranean, is also gaining popularity among foreigners. Although tourism has a great impact, Antalya’s unique beauties and climate are the most important reasons behind its popularity. In addition, the real estate market offers a wide range of investment opportunities for people who are going to buy a house or an apartment in Antalya. In particular, Russian investors have greatly increased their real estate investments in this region by purchasing houses in the Liman neighborhood of Antalya. Let’s say you have decided to buy a house or an apartment in Antalya, but how much do you know about the unique beauties of this city? Where are you planning to go in your free time? Today, we will explore the most popular and fascinating beaches of Antalya with you. When you buy an apartment in Antalya, we are sure that you will be able to create your own holiday plan on these beaches. Let’s get started without wasting too much time.

Kaputaj Beach, Kaş

Kaputaj beach is the most beautiful beach in Antalya and even Turkey with its azure waters. This charming beach is located on the way to Kas and Kalkan as a location. It is 7 kilometers away from Kalkan district and 20 kilometers away from Kaş district. You can make transportation to Kaputaj beach with your own vehicle and take advantage of the buses that organize expeditions to this beach. Kaputaş beach is among the blue flag beaches. It is located at the confluence of the Kaputaj Canyon with the sea. For this reason, it is also known as ‘Kanyonağzı beach’ among the people. This turquoise-colored beach is located below the road level. When you arrive at the beach, you will be able to access the beach thanks to the stairs. In addition, you can look at this breathtaking scenery by the roadside before reaching the beach. We believe that you can see the turquoise-colored view of the beach more clearly from here. The reason behind the turquoise color of the sea is the white colored stones found on the beach. These white stones make Kaputaj beach the most beautiful beach in Antalya.

The sea deepens very quickly on Kaputaj beach. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be careful when entering the sea. Kaputaj beach is a mixed beach with pebbles and sand. You may prefer to take your sea shoes with you before coming to the beach. Since it is one of the most popular beaches in Turkey and Antalya, it may be a good recommendation to go early to enjoy this beach.

Olympos Beach, Kumluca

Olympos beach is located in the Yazır Village of Kumluca as a location. This beach is part of the Beydağları Coastal National Park. By coming to Olympos beach, you can feel peaceful thanks to the lush nature. Olympos is a protected area of the first degree. Therefore, there are no businesses where you can buy sunbeds or umbrellas. We recommend that you come prepared before coming to the beach. Olympos means a high mountain among the people. This beach is a pebble beach. Olympos beach is connected with Çıralı beach. As we all know, Çıralı beach is the spawning ground of Caretta Caretta turtles. For this reason, it is important to be careful when walking on the beach and entering the sea. At the same time, Olympos beach is intertwined with the ancient city of Olympus. While making your sea holiday plan, you can also go on a historical journey simultaneously. Transportation to the beach can be provided by car or by bus.

Phaselis Beach, Kemer

As mentioned above, Phaselis beach is also located inside the ancient city. That is why there are no businesses located on this beach. Before coming to this beach, you can bring your marine supplies such as umbrellas and sun loungers with you. P Phaselis beach is located 16 km from the Kemer district. Swimming at the beach with this fascinating historical texture can be a unique experience.

Konyaaltı Public Beach, Konyaaltı

Konyaaltı beach is among the longest beaches in Turkey.  Its total length is 7 kilometers. This beach is connected to the Konyaaltı district of Antalya. This means that it is a wonderful opportunity where you can go directly to the sea in the city center. Konyaaltı beach is also among the blue flag beaches. Despite being located in the city center, the sea water is immaculate and clear. The coastal part is pebbly. We recommend that you be careful when entering the sea. Although Konyaaltı beach is a public beach, there are private businesses in some parts of the coast. You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas from these private businesses. In addition, Konyaaltı beach is a beach that offers various opportunities in terms of sports activities. There are walking and cycling paths on the beach. In addition, there are areas where you can play volleyball and basketball at certain points along the beach. In addition to all these, if you have a pet, the dog park located on Konyaaltı beach can create an advantage for you.

Guidance About Purchasing House or Apartment in Turkey

The real estate market presents excellent investment opportunities in Antalya. As a result of our extensive real estate market acquaintance, the purpose is to make the buying process more enjoyable in Turkey and stress-free for you. Contact us to discuss your investment options with our team. Your questions will be answered, and we will provide you with additional information on buying an apartment in Antalya. If you want to become a property owner in Turkey, we, as Tolerance Home, will be very happy to help you.

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