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A leader in global technology, Supermicro is dedicated to bringing market-first innovations in enterprise, artificial intelligence, cloud, and 5G telco/edge IT architecture. As they supply cutting-edge, high-volume chassis, motherboard, and power solutions, we are evolving into a Total IT Solutions provider with eco-friendly and energy-saving switch systems, storage, AI, IoT, servers, software, and services.

Supermicro’s patented technologies are proven and trusted by customers worldwide, helping to improve efficiency and maximize performance. This approach extends from the company’s product engineering and quality assurance processes through its worldwide manufacturing, assembly, testing and distribution footprint. Founded in 1993 by a small group of engineers in San Jose, California, with limited resources, Supermicro is now an industry leader with more than 12,000 employees worldwide.

Here are some of the products and solutions they offer:

SuperMicro provides high-performance computing(HPC) and AI, the most powerful cloud server platform running an HGX-2-based NVIDIA SuperServer. Complex model training will be made efficient by the new HGX-2 technology. It provides unrivaled compute capability with sixteen Tesla V100 32GB SXM3 GPUs working together as a single 2 PetaFlop accelerator and five hundred megabytes of total GPU memory.

Supermicro’s HGX-2-based SuperServer (SYS-9029GP-TNVRT) will offer a capable design for data centers boosting AI and HPC in the cloud. With precise improvements, it will provide the maximum memory and compute performance for quick model training.

SuperMicro dual processor rackmounts are high-performance and scalable, offering performance comparable to lower-cost alternatives and more outstanding expandability. Featuring Supermicro’s high-performance technologies, it provides the highest capacity for your business and investment needs.

To mention a few; X12/H12 Hyper and Ultra with PCI-E 4.0 is the best possible performance and configuration for business applications, X12 CloudDC with PCI-E 4.0 is a scalable platform with cost optimization for massive cloud-based data center rollouts, X12/H12/X11 Mainstream these servers are affordable for use in business servers and data centers, and X11/H11, Ultra with NVMe, provide storage performance-focused flagship systems.

With the world shifting to 5G, optimizing the network edge has become an important issue. Supermicro’s 5G solutions are excellent for edge networking, delivering the highest density and lowest power of any available x86 server platform. 

High-performance servers that support Intel Xeon processors up to generation three; scalable processors can be outfitted with FPGA processors for virtual RAN (vRAN) and O-RAN. 

With its wide range of servers, AI solutions, storage, and liquid cooling, Supermicro expedites the deployment of HPC clusters enabling complete IT solutions.

Consumers can select the optimum CPUs, GPUs, and switch combinations across their workloads and operations using the new Global GPU server, with dual setups utilizing either the 3rd Gen AMD EPYCTM processor or 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor. System managers can regulate AI/HPC platforms in their clusters for the necessary tasks by using the Universal GPU system, which is a single, adaptable platform.

The newly released NVIDIA A100 GPUs and AMD InstinctTM MI200 series accelerators, among others, have been tailored for this unique system.

The SuperBlade® and BigTwin® systems from Supermicro are designed for HPC applications in which scalability, power efficiency, and density are essential.

SuperMicro Twin server solutions provide a family of multi-node high-density 2U hot-plug servers with different HDD technologies, networking strengths, memory allocations, GPU support choices, and PCle variants. 

Several advantages to each version of the Twin architecture are made possible by support for the 2nd generation Intel® XeonTM Scalable processors, including up to 24 or 16 DIMM slots, up to 6TB (BigTwin) or 4TB (TwinPro) of DDR4-2933MHz memory, configurable networking choices close to 100G, plus integrated Ultra Path Interconnect technology for improved bandwidth and decreased latency. 

To support clients’ critical applications and lower the TCO of data centers, the Supermicro Twin Family offers a breakthrough in going green. The Twin Family outperforms rackmount servers in terms of cost-effectiveness and dependability due to shared features, and its modular design makes for flexible setup and simple maintenance.

 The Twin Servers can be tailored for a wide range of scenarios, spanning from the data center, HPC, cloud computing, enterprise, science, and engineering, thanks to its flexible configuration options and presence in 1U, 2U, or 4U configurations.

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