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As the advancement of technology continues, many manufacturers worldwide are beginning to make a move toward a system known as specification management. This system will eliminate the manual process involving paper. Although having this management system optimized is important in business, many other techniques are now being used more than those in the past.

With the growth of these systems continuing, there have been a few trends that popped up that a business could benefit from. This management system has several trends involved and will be discussed below.

What is Specification Management?

This type of management system is designed to help standardize the specifications of packaging and products. These items include formulas, ingredients, raw materials, finished goods, packaging, quality documents, and bill of materials that can be found in a system that is centralized. Having a single central area allows you to maintain control of the values and approve them as you see fit by using data that is structured so that the review can be automated for suppliers and shareholders.

1: Focusing On Practices That Are Sustainable

Having practices that are sustainable is becoming more and more popular today, especially in the packaging and manufacturing field. When a company ships packages that are lighter, it will save money and also avoid the taxes imposed by authorities who continue to decrease the amount of carbon emissions. However, in order for this sustainable mind frame to work, there needs to be open communication with the suppliers and have them become eco-conscious as well. Having specification management is able to help with this.

2: Becoming Completely Cloud-based

Being cloud-based is another hot trend that many businesses have taken notice of. Being fully cloud-based allows a company to take advantage of scalability. With the implementation of a multitude of software aimed at documenting, a company is able to learn more about the software. This increased learning is able to grow usage throughout the company. When user scaling is done, there may need to be other hardware types in order to have enough power and storage space. When the system is cloud-based, the company can add licenses when they feel the need. The users can also be added within minutes to make use of the cloud system.

3: Go Global

When you take your company global, the amount of access to customers is a lot broader. When your company has a successful product, the amount of revenues will increase regardless of the home market being flooded. By being global, you could take your company to a whole new higher level than you could domestically.

4: Strengthening Company Security

Along with the cloud-based need, the amount of security needed is also growing, especially when cybersecurity is concerned. Because so much of the workforce is working from home, the amount of cybercrime is increasing. This is resulting in the need for more options in security well into the future.

The amount of online security is expected to be high in a short amount of time, so this trend of increased security is expected to be around for a while. Of course, this trend can be due to the increased risks associated with hacking, computer system breaching, or even confidential documents not being encrypted.

With so many vulnerabilities resulting from cyber risks, the amount of damage caused to a company can be staggering and can easily drag its reputation down. Thankfully, there are regulations in place, so there should be an increase in compliance, but that doesn’t mean the risk is gone.

5: Global Labor

The amount of labor on a global scale has dropped significantly, and it can be hard to fill technology vacancies. Having automation is not always a good thing for manufacturing, and it will always need the human element, although it could decrease the amount of deficiency that remains in the industry. It is important to remember that people are not replaced by automation; it is just a simpler way to use the supply chain. It is able to learn from the data given without having to make decisions.


With the trends above, you get an idea of what to expect from specifications and the way that a company is able to make adjustments to its competitive edge. Many companies continue to move toward newer systems that are not outdated so that the systems they implement will become more useful for the users.

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