Six Common Misconceptions About Screening Mammograms






Women who are at least forty years old should undergo a mammogram. This can help detect breast cancer at its early stage, resulting in less aggressive treatment. Also, women with breast cancer have a high chance of survival if they get screened for breast cancer early. You should click here now to get a mammogram. However, a lot of women ignore the importance of a mammogram due to the misconceptions surrounding the procedure. These misconceptions include the following:

A Mammogram is Not Important If You Have No Cancer Symptoms or a Family History

Experts say that whether or not you have symptoms or a family history, it’s important to have a mammogram once you reach the age of 40. If you don’t get a breast screening until you experience breast cancer symptoms, the cancer may have advanced by that time. Did you know that a lot of women with breast cancer do not have a family history?

The Radiation in Mammograms is Not Safe

A mammogram uses just a small amount of radiation that is within the guidelines set by the medical industry. Also, this screening tool is FDA-regulated. As long as you visit a certified facility, your mammogram should be safe. 

3D and Traditional Mammograms are the Same

3D mammography is a modern diagnostic and screening tool to detect breast cancer early. It can detect more breast images than its earlier counterparts. Also, they can detect these images in thin breast tissue sections. Through 3D mammograms, doctors can clearly determine the difference between cancer and overlapping normal tissue. 

A Mammogram Can Detect any Kind of Breast Tissue Cancer

Although yearly mammograms are essential for women, some limitations apply. This has to do with dense breast tissue, which can hide cancer during screening. Also, normal breast tissue can mimic cancer or hide it. Aside from a yearly mammogram, women who have dense breast tissue can also consider other imaging methods such as a breast MRI or an ultrasound. 

You Don’t Need a Mammogram this Year if Your Results Last Year Were Normal

It is important to keep in mind that mammography is meant to detect breast cancer not prevent it. It is great news to have a normal mammogram; however, it doesn’t guarantee the normality of your future mammograms. By having a mammogram every year, your doctor can detect breast cancer while it’s small and easily treated. 

You Cannot Get a Mammogram Without Your Doctor’s Advice

You can always have a screening mammogram without a doctor’s recommendation. As long as you are forty years old or older, you must get screened every year. 

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