Make Your Tv Smarter With an Android Box- Here’s How






The TV has a not-so-cool moniker in the name of ‘idiot box.’ But think about it for a second – the sheer number of times the TV has brought you and the whole family together cannot be counted. Those sports events, heated political debates, movies, and comedy shows brought priceless joy. Surely, it has certainly done its part to keep you entertained and informed.  Have a look at the TV now, and most people would hardly ever call it an ‘idiot’. The advent of the smart TV has changed the way people used to watch TV.

But smart TVs are expensive!

A lot of people are mesmerised by all the features and benefits that smart TVs offer. However, many are still not sure of bringing them home, especially because of the price tags on such TVs. A good smart TV from a reputed brand, with some of the best features, will easily cost you something around ₹15,000. And that is just the base prices. If you are looking for top notch specs on your TV, the price can go up to lakhs. So, does that mean you shall be priced out of the market for these incredible devices? Nope!

Introducing the Android TV Box!

The Android Box is an incredible device. It is quite similar to a regular set top box that powers your current TV; except that it is much more powerful than any regular set top box. The key difference here is that once you plug in the Android TV Box to your TV, your whole TV gets transformed. You will get the complete smart TV experience, with all the features that you could think of.

Furthermore, the Android TV box is also priced around ₹1.500. hence, you only pay the fraction of the amount of a brand-new smart TV, but you still get all the features. How incredible is that?

Features of the Android TV box

Here are the features of the Android TV box that will transform your TV:

  • A shiny Android TV interface with a fresh burst of colours
  • The latest Android TV versions, now on your TV as well
  • Built in with Google Chromecast, so that you can screen cast media wirelessly
  • Comes equipped with Google Voice Assistant, your very own AI for the TV!
  • More than 5000 thousand apps for you to access on the Google Play Store
  • Helps you binge watch the latest OTT shows on your TV, be it Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar or more
  • 4K picture quality

Thus, as you can see, the Android TV box is filled to the brim with multiple features. But do note that you have to get the best set top box if you want to get all of these amazing features. And getting your Xstream Android TV box from Airtel DTH could be the best deal you can get, at just ₹1,500.

Wondering about more smart TVs, thinking ‘what is IPTV’ and more such questions? Let it all out the window and just get the best Android TV set top box. Take your entertainment to the next level with the right Android TV box!

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