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Did you know that taking a shower is another cause of dry skin? But no matter how cold it is Taking a shower is an indispensable thing. If you want to keep your skin hydrated, you need to see tips on how to shower without drying your skin. It will help solve this skin problem. Today we would like to introduce a technique for taking a shower to prevent dry skin.

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Tips on how to take a shower without drying your skin

1. Mix baby oil into the water.

The oil will help keep our skin hydrated. not too dry This is one thing that we can easily find. If you don’t know what oil to use, it is recommended that you use baby oil to add a few drops of water and bathe in it. It will help solve the problem of dry skin from taking a shower. You can visit here to know Electric Geyser

2. Do not take a very hot bath.

Even hot water will help cleanse the dirt well. And we can overcome the cold feeling in the shower. But the water is too hot. It is the one that pulls the moisture out of our skin. Try to take a shower with warm water, it’s enough to make it not too cold. and does not dry out the skin.

3. Don’t take a bath for too long.

The longer the bath It’s not that it’s good for your skin. Because taking a long shower will make our skin dry and lack moisture. We should not bathe for more than 15 minutes in order to avoid dry skin.

4. Avoid using strong soap.

Strong soaps containing SLS and SLES, high pH or foamy ones. It is one of the reasons that can cause our skin to dry out. Because the detergents used are harsh and can pull out the dirt. Including moisture away from our skin. The best way is to use liquid soap. Or a gentle soap in the bath would be better.

5. Gently absorb water from the skin. and apply the cream after every shower

After taking a shower You shouldn’t use a towel to wipe your body vigorously, but gently blot it to avoid irritating your skin. And there is still a drop of water on the skin to prevent it from being too dry, and most importantly, to prevent dry skin. After taking a shower, you should apply lotion. or cream moisturizer It will add moisture. Does not dry the skin to another level.

For anyone with dry skin We will introduce a shower cream that will help nourish your skin. Which is especially suitable for dry skin people.

Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash

Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash is a great shower cream for dry skin. Sensitive and sensitive skin The shower cream gently cleanses the skin with a pH 5.5 that protects the skin’s natural protective barrier. make skin healthy Contains natural emollients (NMF), Allantoin and Pentavitin to deeply moisturize the skin. and make the skin smooth and soft Contains Panthenol to help exfoliate old skin cells. and create new skin cells masstamilan.

The shower cream is smooth and delicate, easy to wash off, leaving no residue on the skin. Importantly, without soap and alkali that irritate the skin (100% Soap and Alkali free) can be used to clean both the face and body.

l’occitane Almond Shower Oil

l’occitane Almond Shower Oil This is an oil shower cream that contains the essence of almond oil. Help deliver moisture to the skin deeply. Make the skin smooth, soft, moisturized, healthy. and help retain moisture for longer skin Help protect the oil in the skin to return to balance. As well as helping to remove dirt from the skin thoroughly. Plus, this one can also be used for shaving hair expotab.

body cream shower When it comes in contact with water, it becomes a milky, soft touch cream that can be absorbed directly into the skin to nourish. but not sticky. Does not leave a stain on the skin either. Suitable for very dry skin.

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