How To Make Money From Home As A Woman: Realization Of Ambitions Even On Maternity Leave?






Many women after the birth of a child find themselves faced with a difficult choice – whether to leave their child with a babysitter or stay out of work for a few years. Sometimes this question does not arise at all and young mothers are forced to send their babies to nurseries due to a lack of money and the need to go to work. But in fact, this is a good alternative. It is possible to train artificial intelligence and work from home.

A new profession from SYPWAI: a unique offer for everyone

SYPWAI offers a truly unique part-time job option, which anyone can take part in, without exaggeration. Such work is aimed at training, developing, and improving artificial intelligence. And despite all the complexity and globality of such technology, you do not need any special skills to work. To get a high-quality artificial intelligence capable of learning, you need to put a lot of data into the computer. And data markers – a brand new profession launched by SYPWAI – must do the job.

Data markers have tasks to do – simple tasks to give the computer information about some knowledge and concepts, as well as explain the intricacies of the human brain. This is not a difficult task at all, as most of these tasks are no more difficult than entering a Google captcha. Also, the tasks can resemble children’s logic problems. Absolutely anyone can cope with them – education and brain speed do not play any special role. That is why training artificial intelligence in the SYPWAI project is a dream job.

What do I have to do to become a project participant?

To join the project and become a member, try to teach artificial intelligence, and start earning from it, you must first register on the platform. It’s not difficult – you just need to go to and create your account. Registration is the same as on any other site. The user enters his data and comes up with a password. To confirm the identity it is necessary to confirm the validity of the entered e-mail and phone number (follow the link from the mail and enter the code sent to the phone). Nothing complicated, everything is very simple and intuitive.

Artificial Intelligence training in the SYPWAI project is based on software running on a Raspberry Pi. It is a tiny but high-performance computer that easily fits in the palm of your hand or your pocket. It has a processor and internal RAM, just like a normal computer, and is suitable for a huge variety of tasks. The Raspberry Pi experts figured out how to use it specifically for AI training, and for that purpose, they created a special program that facilitates this task.

The Raspberry Pi device has enough power to solve easy tasks in the SYPWAI project. It can be ordered on the company’s platform with home delivery – it can be done in a few clicks. If you want, you can buy several of these computers at once – they can be networked together for better performance. With such a bundle you can have access to a wider range of tasks and, accordingly, earn more.

SYPWAI Goals: From the Private to the Global

SYPWAI has global goals, so it is interested in having a large number of employees to work with. This project originally aimed to create the highest level of artificial intelligence that could:

  • help businesses at different levels (planning, analytics, reducing monotonous tasks, saving finances, etc.);
  • be used by large corporations and small companies;
  • assist in preserving our ecosystem, improving the environment, etc;
  • be capable of self-learning;
  • be useful in various fields of science;
  • help ordinary people.

SYPWAI offers everyone to solve their problems with artificial intelligence. That’s the company’s motto. And it extends to ordinary employees who are involved in AI training. SYPWAI pays good money for that, so working here is not only a great part-time job for women on maternity leave but also a full-time job for many people from different parts of the globe.

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