How to avoid common mistakes during washing a car?






It is not just about using the best cleaning solutions and car foam for your car when washing it, but there are numerous mistakes that you should focus on when cleaning your vehicle. If you consistently repeat the same mistakes, you will harm your vehicle than do good to it. Here are some common car wash mistakes that a regular person makes:

Using a liquid solution or home-based soap

The major mistake you make while washing your car is using a detergent or soap for washing your clothes or utensils. Remember, the composition of these cleaning agents is not suitable for cleaning your vehicle. It can destroy your car’s surface and rip off its shine and finish. You should only use car-friendly products specifically designed for auto detailing and washing to ensure the paint and polish of your car remains intact.

Washing your car under the sun

The next mistake people regularly make while washing their car is washing it under the sun. Washing your vehicle under the sun makes the soap or cleaning solution dry before rinsing, which leaves marks and spots on the surface that may become permanent if not checked. Hence, make sure you don’t wash your car under direct sunlight.

Use the same bucket for rinsing and washing

Ensure you have two buckets for rinsing and washing when washing your car. You should squeeze all the dirty cloth into a different bucket and not mix it with soap water. If you do this, you will not get results as expected, and your car will look muddy even after washing.

Not cleaning the wheels and tires first

You should follow a proper procedure to get the best car wash results. Wash the wheels and tires of your car first to safeguard against splashing any dirty water on your clean car body. Rather than washing the car twice, clean the tires and wheel first, as they have the highest dirt.

Using a regular towel to dry the car

The next mistake is using a regular towel to dry your car. Drying comes when you have thoroughly washed your vehicle. It should be done with great caution. Hence, it is essential to use a special absorber to get the desired final look. Using a regular towel for drying will not give you desired results; instead, grind the mud on the surface.

Using a dry towel to clean the missed spots

If you have missed some spots while washing your car and see them while drying, you should wipe them with a towel or absorber. It will not clean the site but make it permanent. It is equally important to wash and rinse the spot; it may take time, but it is worth it.

These are some common mistakes that a regular car cleaner can make. Make sure you don’t do them while washing your car, or the better idea is to get it done by professionals to ensure your vehicle looks spotless and new after a wash. Get in touch with us to book an appointment.

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