How Problems With Overweight Appear: Top 10 Mistakes






To effectively combat excessive body weight, you need to understand the cause of its appearance and try to eliminate the triggering factors. Wrong diet isn’t the only reason for gaining extra pounds: there are physiological reasons, psychological and emotional stress, and, oddly enough, the rejection of bad habits.


Sleeping for the human body isn’t only an opportunity to rest, to structure information received during the day but also a way to obtain energy. Accordingly, in chronic lack of sleep, the body will search with all its might for alternative sources of compensation for the lack of energy. And at the top of this list goes, of course, food. So, you should avoid going to bed at 2 am, even if new real money slots NZ or Netflix series have been recently released.


A negative internal state can significantly increase the numbers on the scales. And the problem here is not only that some people eat their problems, but also that against the background of excessive consumption of calories there is a decrease in motor activity. After all, you want to hide from the outside world, to hide from prying eyes and lie on the couch in his depression, huddled under a blanket.


This defensive reaction of the body to excessive exposure to an external stimulus is also a kind of catalyst for weight gain. Have you ever noticed how you crave sweets amid excessive emotional stress? And this is quite understandable. The fact is that stress increases the production of glucocorticoids, and they, in turn, exacerbate the perception of the receptors to sweet tastes. And there is a simple correlation: the greater the stress, the higher the level of glucocorticoids, the greater the craving for sweets and hello extra pounds.

Spending a Lot of Time in Front of the Television

In this case, it’s not just low levels of motor activity that are a risk factor for gaining excess weight. Rather, the fact that watching your favorite television series, a soccer game or a favorite movie won’t bring the full range of positive emotions if it isn’t “eaten” with French fries, chips, chocolate chips, popcorn or pizza. Either marketers have taught us that it is even indecent to watch a movie without popcorn and a sweet soda, or it’s a dubious way to increase the amount of pleasure we get from watching it, but the fact remains that sitting in front of the television a person can eat a lot more than without it. There is even an interesting study showing that people consume the most food while watching love movies and horror movies, and the least while watching animal or travel shows. But during commercials for various hygiene products, diapers, and the like, oddly enough, people reach for the refrigerator.

Smoking Cessation

Many smokers, in an attempt to give up smoking, begin to replace cigarettes with candy, seeds, crackers, sunflower seeds, and much more. Of course, the body will react to the extra calories with weight gain. Not only that, but nicotine is able to reduce hunger and somewhat accelerate the metabolism. Accordingly, after quitting smoking, the feeling of hunger begins to be felt several times more acutely.

Endocrine Pathology

Against the background of problems with the thyroid gland, hypothalamus, pancreas, sex hormones, a person may begin to observe weight fluctuations. If you start to put on weight while maintaining the usual diet and rhythm of life, you should consult an endocrinologist – this may be a symptom of endocrine pathology.

Using Food as a Reward for Success 

And regardless of age and position. The custom of rewarding children with candy for small achievements turns into a tradition of celebrating big victories with a noisy feast, and rewarding oneself with sweets for small achievements.


If we think about how much time modern man spends in a sedentary position in the office, at the computer, in a car, and correlate this time with motor activity, the result is disappointing. A sedentary lifestyle, snacking on whatever you can get, eating dry food – all this is the reason why obesity has become a disease of civilization.

Late Bedtime

The modern man has to work a lot, spends a lot of time on the road, returns home late, where a lot of household chores are waiting. And how it is sometimes desirable, having done them all, to stretch legs in front of the TV, enjoying the time of long-awaited rest. But here we need to understand that, on the one hand, this time is already late, and on the other, having exhausted ourselves in a series of worries during the day, and wasting all the energy we have, we need to take it from somewhere for the night vigil.


An increase in body weight may be an indication that the adult can not cope with all the fears that surround him, and thus increasing in size, he builds a protective wall between himself and the world, hiding behind it, as a child, allowing himself to be weak. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the number of obese people is increasing in our fast-paced world, whose pace of life is only increasing, thereby adding to the fears that not everyone is able to cope with.

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