How Much Money Did Roch Voisine Make from His Top-Selling Singles?






Roch Voisine, a Canadian singer-songwriter, has been performing since the early 1980s and has released mediaboosternig several successful singles that have sold millions of copies. His top-selling singles include “Hélène” (1988) and its English version “A Dream Away” (1991), which sold over two million copies; “I’ll Always Be There” (1992), which sold over one million copies; and “Kissing Rain” (1994), which sold fullformcollection over 400,000 copies. According to estimates, Voisine has earned more than $20 million from the sale of these singles.

Canadian singer and songwriter Roch Voisine is a multi-faceted entrepreneur and businessman. He owns a variety of assets, including a music label, publishing company, restaurant, and a golf course. Voisine launched his music label, RCA Victor, in 1992, which produces and distributes his music. His publishing company gyanhindiweb, Roch Voisine Publishing, was set up in 1992 to manage his publishing rights. Voisine also owns a restaurant in Montreal called La Porte Rouge, which opened in 2003 and serves French-Canadian cuisine. The restaurant also serves as a venue for live music performances. In 2015, Voisine opened the L’Escale Golf Course, located in St-Lazare, Quebec. The 18-hole course is open to the public and offers a driving range, practice greens, and a clubhouse. Finally, Voisine owns a few properties in Montreal which he rents out as celeblifes apartments. In summary, Roch Voisine is the owner of a music label, publishing company, restaurant, golf course, and some rental properties in Montreal.

Roch Voisine, a Canadian singer-songwriter and actor, has invested his fortune in a variety of ways. He has invested in real estate, ranging from residential to commercial, and has also invested in the stock market. Additionally, Voisine has put his money into a variety of philanthropic initiatives, including causes related to the environment wearfanatic, health care and education. He also regularly donates to charities and supports various causes through his concerts. Voisine has even started his own charitable foundation, the Roch Voisine Foundation, which works to improve the lives of youth and the underprivileged in Canada.


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