Do I Need Work Experience to Go to Law School?






It’s tempting to wait until after graduation to start applying to law schools, but that’s not a good idea. Depending on the school, applying too soon may result in missing important information or mistakes. Likewise, submitting your application late may mean you won’t have the time to complete it. Aim to begin the process as early as possible. In addition to being more focused, you’ll be less stressed about missing important information and will have more time to pursue other aspects of your life sccbuzz.

While work experience isn’t mandatory, it can go a long way on your application. Incorporating your interest in law into your previous professional experiences gives admissions officers a solid argument for your application and sets you apart from many other applicants. When drafting your personal statement, be sure to include a summary of all your relevant work experiences, whether paid or unpaid. Make sure to include all campus jobs, even if it’s just part-time.

While you might not need to work for more than three years, the more work experience you have the better. Getting your hands dirty in the real world will help you build confidence, network, and interpersonal skills. That’s not to say you need to work in a legal position to get your law degree, but it can help your chances of admission. And, if you don’t have any previous employment, it’s a good idea to get some to supplement your lack of professional experience.

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