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Claim Justice review

Any communication over the internet is a risk that we take on. While many interactions end up being quite fine, in rare scenarios you are contacted by a scammer. Claim Justice will help you recover money lost to any fraudulent activities related to the crypto industry which is one of the leading types of scams that proliferate on social media websites. Read this Claim Justice review to learn more.

The recent report of the FTC shows that over 32% of all cases of online scams are crypto-related. With over $3 billion lost to crypto scams annually across the globe (some estimates are much higher), it is hard to believe that law enforcement is completely incapable of tracking down scammers and punishing them in over 96% of all cases. Aside from notoriously large cases, scammers get away with their crimes more often than not.

Claim Justice is a company providing a valuable service to hundreds of people who were scammed out of their money by people promising huge returns or offering their assistance in purchasing Bitcoin. If you or one of your close ones were affected by such fraudulent activities and were told by the police that nothing can be done, consult with Claim Justice and learn more about contemporary detective agencies focusing on returning funds to those who lost them to scammers.

How does Claim Justice work?

The company bases its approach to investigations on using a combination of traditional and unconventional research methods as well as standard detective practices to identify and successfully track down criminals using social media platforms, social engineering, specialized tools, and other methods that are often underused or completely ignored by law enforcement.

Claim Justice has already helped many people get their money back fully or partially. Many thought that it was impossible to retrieve lost funds.

The process looks like this:

  1. Clients are thoroughly interviewed by specialists of Claim Justice who obtain valuable details and crucial bits of information that many people consider insignificant.
  2. Documents, screenshots of dialogues in messengers, the timeline of events, receipts, and other valuable evidence are gathered and systemized to ensure that the company can use it efficiently.
  3. With obtained evidence, the company attempts to identify and hunt down the scammer. In many cases, the investigation ends with the contact information of the scammer who is promptly approached by Claim Justice.
  4. The company will negotiate on your behalf to pressure the scammer with threats of lawsuits and usually forces them to pay back what they stole at least partially.

Can Claim Justice help you?

The track record of the company is quite impressive. It helped hundreds of people to get their stolen money back during its long career in this complicated and, frankly, dangerous industry. Claim Justice is a sophisticated private detective service that employs modern technology and social engineering tricks to quickly find people who usually escape any law enforcement efforts.

With its long history of success, the company gives you much-needed hope when it feels that you will never see your lost money. While no one can promise that the result will be positive, hundreds of successfully solved cases indicate that chances are quite high. If you do not have any other options, this company will certainly provide you with that last chance to recover money.

Claim Justice works transparently

The company will notify you about new developments in the investigation and send you detailed reports about the case and even the potential whereabouts of the scammer. If the negotiation process fails, the company will provide you with gathered data to help you take legal action and build a proper case with sufficient evidence.

The billing is also transparent. You will pay only for the service. The company guarantees that it does not use any hidden charges and commissions.


You can certainly trust this company that has a proven track record of recovering money lost to crypto scams. With a long history of working in this industry, Claim Justice scam recovery agency is your best bet at retrieving investments and getting back at the scammer!

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