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CBSE is the most prestigious board in the country, which aims to offer quality education to students. It is an autonomous body managed by the Indian Government, which has set a good standard in the previous years. The decentralised administration of the board helps it function effectively across the Indian educational standards. The headquarters in Delhi monitor the activities of the regional offices.

Importance of CBSE Board

CBSE maintains uniformity for all students across India with a centralised education system managed by top-level institutions. The Central Secondary Education Commission certificate is recognised nationwide by all colleges and academic centres. The educational structure of the board allows students to study effectively while developing their skills. CBSE follows a compact design that simplifies the CBSE Syllabus more than other committees.

  • It provides the direct and general knowledge a child needs to be educated.
  • CBSE students have an advantage over others in passing the critical Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams for Year 12 and beyond, as most of these exams are based on the CBSE syllabus.
  • Online education platforms are a boon for those who cannot afford to pay for books or individual tuition. Easy access to learning materials and free advice from experienced teachers are available online.
  • CBSE board is recognised worldwide, making it easier for students to go abroad and continue their studies at foreign universities.

Objectives of the CBSE Board

  • Set exam requirements and conduct public exams at the end of grades 10 and 12.
  • Issue certificates of proficiency to successful applicants at partner schools.
  • Meet the educational needs of students whose parents have transferable occupations.
  • Encourage academic and non-academic knowledge, skills and abilities to help students transition successfully from high school to college life.

Area of Focus of CBSE Board

  • Develop student-friendly learning patterns by introducing practical innovations in teaching and learning methods.
  • They are improving testing and evaluation processes to achieve fair results.
  • Facilitate student skill learning by adding job-related information.
  • Regularly conduct various service training programmes and workshops to update the teaching skills of teachers and administrators.

How CBSE helps in Shaping the Student’s Career?

1. Popularity

CBSE is the most popular board in schools nationwide and follows the national curriculum with additional subjects. Most private schools rely on a structured, controlled and relatively predictable CBSE curriculum. CBSE books in Delhi are available from authentic bookstores and online portals.

2. Uniformity

CBSE works to provide a nationally uniform course structure in all schools. CBSE has partnered with numerous schools in India to benefit children moving from one city/state to another. They can continue their education in any school that follows the CBSE curriculum.

3. Compact Structure

Many believe that the CBSE is more superficial than other boards due to its fewer compartments and compact structure. Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Geography, and Civics are compulsory subjects, but there are few elective subjects. They have an application-oriented curriculum.

4. Languages ​​of Instruction

The CBSE Board approves both Hindi and English as languages ​​of instruction. It also emphasises learning through experiential and interactive teaching rather than teacher monologues.

The CBSE books are available easily in our country. Students can buy textbooks online for preschool after comparing prices and delivery times from various sites. Students can download the CBSE Admit Card for board exams online from the official website. Thus, CBSE is considered the best curriculum based on student development.

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