Can you use your own cleaner with shark Vacmop?






While gathering your steam mops, there might be a little water in or around the water tank. All steam mops are tried before you purchase, so you get Shark Steam, and Steam Mops quality scour.

  1. Steam mop handle
  2. Quick-release cord holder
  3. Steam mop
  4. Mop head
  5. Water tank cap
  6. Mode button
  7. Soft scrubbing pad Dirt Grip
  8. Bottled

Collecting your steam and screws

Collecting the Heater:

  1. Embed the mop handle into the steam mop body until it gets into place.
  2. To join the Soil Hold Delicate Clean Cushions, lay the two cushions level on the floor with the ring. Plastic is looking up. Adjust the space on the alternating cushion at the lower part of the mop head with the plastic ring on the cushions. Afterwards, lower the mop head onto the squeezing cushion until the cushions are tight.
  3. To open the water tank, pull the top down.
  4. Utilize the filling jar to empty purified water into the tank. Ensure that the most excellent fill line is inside the most extreme. At the point when gotten done, close the top of the tank firmly.

Utilizing your steam and screws:

Note: To expand the existence of your lumbuy electric mop, the master proposes to utilize purified water and clear or vacuum the floor before cleaning with the steam mop.

  1. Ensure the two cushions are introduced accurately before use.
  2. Twist the speedy delivery line retainer to turn off the power rope. Plug it into a plug.
  3. When connected, interestingly, the unit will be in backup mode. The two setting lights beneath the mode button will glimmer to demonstrate reserve mode.
  4. To select the steam mode, press the mode button once for LIGHT or two times for Typical. When the mode is chosen, slant the handle to enact the turning cushions.

TIP: If the handle isn’t shifted, the mode determination might break, and the cushions won’t turn. While cleaning close to edge supports or furniture, you might feel a slight draw from the unit when it contacts these surfaces. This is typical and not a reason to worry.

  1. Mop with forwarding and reverse development.
  2. When got done wiping, press the mode button. A blue light will streak, showing that the machine is in reserve mode. At the point when in reserve mode, lift the handle to take the steam mop back to its upstanding position and turn it off.
  3. When the cushions have cooled, eliminate them by hauling them out of the plate.
  4. When the pail. Keep the water vacant; the machine will quit delivering steam. Ensure the machine is turned off before filling the water tank.

Note: Permit 2 to 3 minutes for the mop to cool before eliminating the Soil Hold cushions. Try not to leave the mop with clammy or Soil Grasp cushions that get wet on any floor for quite a while.


  1. Attach clean Soil and Grasp Delicate Scour Cushions to the mop head.
  2. Plug the mop-handle slant down towards you and press the Mode button to choose the typical setting. The cushions will begin to turn.
  3. Wait 30 seconds for the mechanical assembly to begin creating steam.
  4. Start cleaning with forward and reverse developments on a fixed hard surface. Following three minutes, your machine will be prepared for sterilization.
  5. Move the mop head gradually and uniformly over the area to be cleaned while applying steady descending tension. Rehash gradually somewhere multiple times.

Disinfection review was led under controlled test conditions. Family conditions and results might change with the crowd head in standard mode.

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