Can Technology Help Ensure Food Security?






With millions of people suffering from malnutrition and hunger around the world, it’s not surprising that technology has been proposed as an aid to help ensure food security. However, in many cases, technology is not the best way to solve this problem. In this article, we’ll cover some examples of how technology may be able to help and some strategies that don’t need technology at all. We’ll also examine the reasons why some tech solutions fail and what can be done about it.

What does it mean to be food secure?

An individual who is food secure has consistent, reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Food security exists at both individual and household level. At an individual level, all people have physical and economic access to sufficient safe and nutritious food for active, healthy living. At a household level, all members have access to enough food for a happy, healthy life.

Global Tech Giants

The world’s biggest tech giants are all investing millions of dollars in technology that could revolutionize agriculture by making our global food system more efficient, reliable and sustainable. The likes of Google, Microsoft and online casino real money have all announced moonshot technologies to make strides in solving some of agriculture’s most pressing challenges. In a time where we need to produce 70% more food by 2050, it’s no surprise they’re scrambling to find ways of doing so sustainably.

How We Can be Smarter Consumers

There’s a lot we can do to stay informed and make smart decisions about how to feed ourselves and our families. Technology is a key tool. We can use smartphones, social media, and other resources to learn about where our food comes from, how it was produced, and what it contains and we can pass along these tips (and related facts) to our loved ones and those around us.

Technology can give Developing Countries Access to Vital Information and Knowledge

If you live in a developing country and need to know how much land, water, and equipment are required to produce a certain amount of crops, that can be tough. Technology can make it easier and more accessible. While some agricultural experts are skeptical about technology’s role in ensuring food security, particularly with regard to increasing productivity, there is widespread agreement on at least one thing: Information and knowledge are vital components. Learn more from

Blockchain is Providing Solutions to the Problems of Global Hunger

Blockchain is a digital ledger system that creates permanent records of transactions and can be accessed in real-time, which makes it perfect for tracking foods. The technology uses cryptographic principles to make all transactions both secure and transparent. This has led to more confidence in corporate supply chains and reduced cases of fraud. There are several companies already using blockchain for these purposes, such as Provenance, Ambrosus, Waltonchain, and Te-Food – just to name a few.

Technology’s Role in the Future

Technology is a critical piece of ensuring global food security. Food production and distribution have grown more efficient over time, but producing enough food for our ever-growing population remains challenging. That’s why we’ve seen such growth in recent years in technologies designed to boost crop yields and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and other resources like fresh water.  Some of these innovations are already being deployed in countries around the world; others are still under development. The question now is how quickly these innovations will be adopted by farmers and consumers alike and whether they can provide an adequate solution to our ongoing challenges with feeding everyone on Earth.

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