Can Someone Else Pick Up My Online Order at Home Depot?






You can change the pick-up person for your online order at Home Depot. Before you change the pick-up person, you must pay the full price for the order. You must also pick up the order at the same store. Home Depot will let you choose an alternate person as long as you show a government photo ID and the confirmation email. You can skip the location step if you prefer. If you don’t want to give your pick-up person the option to pick up your order, you must contact Home Depot customer service.

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Curbside pickup is another option. Curbside pickup is free at Home Depot. You must present a valid driver’s license when you pick up your order. When you are ready to pick up your order, call the number listed on your order and they will load the order onto the car of the recipient. Once they arrive, they can collect the order. To make the pick-up experience easier, Home Depot offers many pick-up services.

In-store pickup is a better option if you’re unable to pick up the item yourself. It’s faster than shipping the item from an online retailer to a physical location. The shipping company should still refund your account if your order is not collected in 7 days. However, you can’t use a gift card to pay for your order. To make the process easier, Home Depot offers a special mobile app that allows you to track and manage your online order.

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