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The COVID pandemic has provided a new gateway of online learning 兒童及青年課後活動. Educational institutions shifted their medium towards computer or laptop as the pandemic hit around the globe. Digital learning emerged as a necessary tool for learning and providing resources to the students.

Improved Teaching Methods

Online learning provides the teachers with efficient tools to improve their methods of teaching.

Teachers can make videos and ppt on different topics and take help of AI to improve the quality of education. This helper the learner to understand the simple topics like verbs to be learnt in a fun way. Well, if you want to know more about verbs you can visit

No Restriction Of Time And Place

The easy accessibility of education online has made it easy for the learner to attend classes anywhere. The student can take classes while sitting in their home. Moreover, if they have missed the lectures then he or she must not worry the recorded lectures are easily available.

Online learning is becoming affordable therefore it reduces financial burden of students and their parents.

Social Media Beneficial For Education

Social media has played a key role in assisting the students. The social media apps like Facebook, and Instagram has contributed a lot in student learning. Facebook provides the students with groups related to education which they can join to improve their learning.

Student’s Attendance

There are less chances of missing the online classes as students can take the class from anywhere. If online classes are taken seriously then a student won’t be able to miss any class.

Reduces stress

Online learning reduces stress for weak learners. If they are unable to understand the concept in the online class, they can listen to recorded lectures and visit other websites in order to have better understanding about the concept. Here are few ways to manage your stress.

Well, these are some of the benefits of online learning, but we cannot skip the disadvantages.

Loss of focus

The first problem in online learning is the inability to focus. It is very difficult for the learner to sit Infront of the laptop for long hours. Sitting for long hours might affect the eyesight of the learner.

Moreover, for kids ages to 4 to 8 years it’s very difficult for the teacher to engage them towards the class. They have to make their lesson interactive so that every student can participate in the class.

Technological issues

Most of the time due to electricity cut down or Internet issues make it difficult for the student to attend the class. In most areas the internet speed is slow and the student are unable to attend the class. The discontinuity in learning creates gaps between the learning.

Loss of human connection

The students face isolation in online learning. The traditional education system offers them to interact directly with the teachers and their peers who can help them if they find something difficult. This hinders development of social skills.

Training of teachers

Online education system requires proper training of teachers. Most of the time the teachers don’t know how to use app like zoom or Microsoft teams. They don’t know how to conduct online classes. The schools should invest time by providing training to the teachers. In this way they will be able to teach effectively.

Lack Of Physical Activities

Online learning deprives the students from extracurricular activities. Most of the student time is spent in home sitting Infront of screens, as they are unable to go to school. Hence, they can’t patriciate in sports, debate, exhibitions etc.

School System

The education system all around the globe is very complicated and complex. The underdeveloped countries don’t have much resources for learning and this school systems vary country to country.

The developed countries are equipped with latest technologies and efficient learning system. If we look at British and American system then one question always come in our mind that “is the British school system harder than American?”

In short, there are both advantages and disadvantages of online learning if we utilize it efficiently and reduce the distractions, it can help in improvement of overall education levels! So, what do you think about this? Are there more advantages or disadvantages? Let us know!

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