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Digital printing is the technique of putting toner or liquid ink on various media surfaces. This method varies from typical offset printing because it does not need printing technology.

Even with full-colour coverage, our computerized presses can generate razor-sharp pictures. PDF or other digital files are typically delivered straight to the digital press, where pictures and multimedia can be transferred to any specific material.

Why digital printing?

Digital printing represents a major shift in the industry. It offers more options, functionality, and adaptability than traditional technologies, such as impression or flexographic printing.

Today, we demand printed documents to be accurate and complete; clients want printers to create cost-effective, greater, brief colour printing in the shortest time workable.

However, deciding which procedure would best fit your task is not always straightforward, so there are a few factors you should think about before deciding how to print your design. Here is some proof of how will help you grasp the benefits of digital printing.

Cheaper printing

Offset printing was used to control the globe, and only major corporations could afford it. That’s because offset printing causes the creation of plates as well as accompanying setup expenses – and for modest print runs, those setup fees can be prohibitively expensive for small firms.

Offset printing gets less expensive as the quantity of printed pieces increases; if you are a tiny firm with a local marketing base, you may be forced to choose between high-quality offset printing at a high cost or low-quality printing. 

That has altered with the introduction of digital printing. Because there are no startup charges for digital printing Melbourne, you may produce as few marketing pieces as you require without paying a big upfront charge.

You can save money as your quantity increases. And the more you produce, the further you get to where offset printing becomes more affordable.

Excellent quality

Offset printing is still the master of quality, but developments in digital printing technology have pushed it into a close battle. It would take a discerning professional to distinguish which card was produced on an offset press and which on a digital press if two identical postcards were made using two distinct printing methods.

With such a little difference, there’s no excuse not to feel positive about using Digital Printing Melbourne as a cost-effective option to get your marketing strategy across to potential clients. Always keep in mind the importance of value in your business choices.

You wouldn’t spend pennies on the dollar for low-quality goods or top dollar for even the most modern marketing collateral. Instead, you would want to strike a value balance, which is exactly what Digital Printing Melbourne offers to small businesses – or even giant businesses with multiple tiny target audience groups.

Accuracy and repeatability

Prints may be reproduced with exceptional quality using digitally calibrated presses. If you want 50 flyers every couple of weeks, digital presses in Digital Printing Melbourne can duplicate your image the same way on each occasion.


Digital printing allows for short turnaround times and can deliver a finished product whenever you need it. Digital Printing Melbourne can provide same-day turnarounds for quick solutions.

Greener printing methods

We may bypass the plating step in the digital printing process, which requires less equipment and resources and results in a lower emissions footprint, which is more beneficial to the environment.

Printing with variable data

Variable data printing (VDP), a kind of digital printing, allows for customisation on a per-unit basis. You can purchase this at Digital Printing Melbourne for your next event.


Printers provide a wide media selection, with the ability to print on over a thousand approved substrates, including synthetic substances, shadows, and shimmery. It signifies that no matter how basic or complicated your requirements are, Digital Printing is the ideal choice for you.

Reduces turnaround time

Because digital printing machines do not require printing plates or repress operations, the initial setup time is considerably decreased, improving turnaround time.

Digital printing machines, whether in colour or black and white, are always available to print short-run tasks. It takes a considerably faster pace than offset printing presses. With high-speed production, dependable and effective Digital Printing Melbourne helps further minimise turnaround time. 

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