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There is no doubt that today’s modern smartphones are a great innovation of mankind due to their millions of amazing features and apps. Up close, however, these smartphones are just platforms that can be enhanced more with the usage of awesome accessories. But despite this, these smartphones have also become a necessity in everyone’s life that you cannot imagine your day without them. Plus, when you buy new smartphones these days you will surely get new great pretty packages. Undoubtedly, these devices have taken their place in your pockets and have replaced so many other gadgets and products. There are plenty of high-tech mobile accessories available in the market such as charging cables, selfie sticks, cases, power banks, screen protectors, air pods, phone rings, stands, and much more. Further, there are also excellent wireless options to choose from easily.

Furthermore, if you have these essential accessories along your smartphone then your gadget is pretty enough and well-protected. So if you are a well-organized person who uses smartphones wisely then these accessories are all for you. In this blog post, you will be looking at the best phone accessories from essential to niche.

1- Kiloko Universal Phone & Camera Mount

Well, it is one of the most fascinating and popular technologies that you must own while traveling to the UAE. Undoubtedly, it has stunning yet special features like 360 degrees rotating arm and a strong suction cup that will work perfectly on your car’s dashboard or windshield. However, it is a very compatible device with iPhone and Samsung mobile phones or with an action camera. Moreover, it is great for navigating trips or difficult unknown ways when needed. Thankfully, though, it comes with both standard tripod screws that can be removed to allow for Go-Pro or any other action camera to be mounted. However, it is very compatible with iPhone 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, iPhone mini 12, Galaxy S10, S9, S9 ULTRA, and so many others that you can use. As well as it is very easy to place or set anywhere because its arm extends from 5 to 9 inches and the rotating ball joint allows you to view your phone in both vertical and portrait modes. Other than this, it has a strong suction cup and single-use dashboard disc that will provide a powerful hold and superior strength t your smartphone. Not only this but it is extremely stable and secure in cars because it has anti-slip rubber and silicon pads on the clamp that will enable you to install the phone securely on the dashboard of the car thus protecting your phone from sudden drop or scratching. So, if you are wondering about this amazing mount then quickly browse this store code Amazon UAE and get your desired product in a pocket-friendly manner.

2- ULANZI Phone Tripod Mount

It is the next incredible yet ultra-pro technology for smartphones that you must consider from the UAE store. However, on the phone, you are at a convenient and easy-to-access location or can navigate through the GPS. Not only this, but you will also admire its car-friendly feature like voice input. It rotates to 360 degrees, is adjustable, clip clamp holder, and is compatible with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and all other smartphones. For sure, it is also one of the most important yet necessary accessories for smartphone holding. No doubt, it has an upgraded tripod mount that has standard screws and a cold shoe mount for selfie sticks, stabilizers, and other accessories. Its 2 cold shoes can fix your microphones, photography session, and other essential shoots. Moreover, it is a very easy-to-use and convenient gadget that you can take anywhere anytime you want. It allows you adjustable the pitch angle on the tripod according to your setting. As well as it has a non-slip silicon pad that enhances the fixed gear thus protecting your smartphone from sudden drop while holding it firmly.

3- SKY-TOUCH USB Phone Charger Cable

It is another essential and basic modern charging cable that you must choose as a flawless choice from the UAE. Moreover, it is a fast braided nylon unbreakable charging cable with universal multiple charging ports that will surely admire you. No doubt, it is something that today everyone knows very well and mostly buys these days. No matter what the battery level is in your phone this power bank has enough capacity to charge your phone instantly. However, you can also not deny its smart portability feature, compact size, heavy-duty battery, and much more. You cannot get only your smartphone charged but friends and buddies too because it has three ports. Thankfully, though, you cannot only charge phones but tablets, laptops, and notebooks from three ports very easily. For sure, it will support your simultaneous charging with multiple cables. Plus, it is safer, more stable, faster, reduces heat, and ensures you a long working life.

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